Undergraduate Certificate in Professional Sales

GSU’s certificate program is unique among sales programs offered by universities across the United States. The curriculum is designed to produce well-rounded businesspeople who have specialized skills in the important aspects of selling. The instructors are not only some of the most prominent research faculty in selling in the country but also are accomplished, successful practitioners with real sales experience in the business world.

The Benefits of Receiving a Certificate in Professional Sales

Perhaps the most important benefit you will receive from this rigorous program is knowledge and skill development to help you be successful in real sales situations. Additionally, you will receive special recognition for extraordinary success in the area of sales. Moreover, the faculty and staff of the program will work with the business community to expose job opportunities to you that are outstanding. In short, if you are successful in attaining this certificate, you will be platformed well for your first job after graduation.

Required Sales Courses

  • MK 4330 – Principles of Professional Selling
  • MK 4331 – Key Account Sales
  • MK 4340 – Sales Management

Required Non-Marketing Electives

  • MGS 4430 – Negotiation
  • MGS 4440 – Working in Teams

* In order to receive the Certificate in Professional Sales in addition to your BBA with a major in marketing, you must receive a minimum of a B- or better in the above courses.

Application Process

  1. If you have not already done so, declare an undergraduate major in marketing.
  2. Write a letter to:Christopher Lemley
    The Professional Selling and Sales Leadership Program
    Department of Marketing, Georgia State UniversityThis letter must include your contact information, the reasons why you want to be in the program and the reasons why you should be admitted to the program. Attached to this letter you must include a current copy of your grades earned to date at Georgia State University from GoSolar.
  3. After reviewing your letter and grades to date, the faculty and staff of the program will notify you of your tentative acceptance. If you are tentatively accepted, you will interview with a panel of the faculty and professionals from the business community for final acceptance in the program.
  4. When you are accepted into the program, you must sign the letter of agreement between yourself and the faculty in the program agreeing to the terms to which you will hold yourself accountable to successfully complete the program and earn the Certificate in Professional Sales in addition to your BBA with a major in marketing.

For more information on this program, ask your instructor or contact Chris Lemley at clemley@dev.gsu.edu or 404-413-7668.